Food and beverages Consultancy


Desika Management will take into account multiple variables to ensure the success and longevity of the business. Location, target market, budget, competition, local and worldwide industry trends and logistical concerns. 

Concept Development

Developing a restaurant is not only limited to create a menu. 

Your furniture, decorations & style should go along with the theme you want to project. 

We develop concepts (type of cuisine, recommendation on decoration, furniture, staff uniforms etc) based on extensive market research and research on customers’ needs and expectations.


Once your concept is developed and agreed upon, we can help you hire staff (kitchen and service) as well as train them to the higher level of standard. 

Hiring is a key moment for your outlet, we support you in the process!

Menu development and supplier

Are you worried about finding the right quality of raw ingredient, drinks etc?

We work with hundreds of suppliers and can give you recommendations on suppliers based on your menu.

Hassle-free for you!